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About Debbie

Passionate about supporting personal development

Debbie Clelland, PhD, Registered Clinical Counsellor, has been working in the field of counselling and consulting since 1998, teaching counselling students since 2006, and is a local expert on giftedness.  These passions are now being extended into her part-time practice through providing counselling to many clients, consulting for gifted adults and parents of gifted children, as well as supporting Counselling Therapists through clinical consultations. Debbie also continues to do consulting work with organizations who are building positive relationships among their team members, allowing for a more effective and welcoming workplace. 

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Debbie loves to help people overcome obstacles and find a more positive path forward in their lives.  This is true when working with all clients on topics such as career, figuring out retirement, and finding hope despite the challenges for the planet and its people.  


Debbie also loves to help gifted people figure out how giftedness/multi-exceptionality fits as a piece in the puzzle of their lives.  Her own children were assessed as gifted in 2003. That plus her dream to work as a counsellor educator drove her to earn a PhD in Educational Psychology and focus her research on understanding the needs of parents of gifted/multi-exceptional children in Canada. She volunteered many years as a chapter leader with the Gifted Children’s Association of BC and was instrumental in re-launching this parent-led organization as President from 2014-2017. Debbie enjoys coaching gifted/multi-exceptional adults and parents who want to figure out the puzzle of their family or themselves, and taking steps in their own journey.  

Debbie speaks locally and internationally about giftedness/multi-exceptionality.  She has presented at professional conferences, and spoken to parent groups about many topics, including helping:

  • Parents

    • Navigate the social-emotional aspects of giftedness/multi-exceptionalities

    • Understand how Jungian personality type may combine with giftedness

  • Counsellors and other helping professionals learn to recognize giftedness/multi-exceptionality and how it might be affecting their clients

  • Understanding intersectionalities of diversities that include giftedness, and how important it is for families, communities, and schools to understand giftedness is a “real thing” and these students need support for their learning inside and outside of school.


Debbie works with counsellors doing clinical consultations.  For this consultation she relies on her 11 years in private practice offering counselling to adults, adolescents, and children on a variety of issues; her three years as a school counsellor and facilitator for gifted/mulit-exceptional students; and her many years working as a counsellor educator in undergraduate and graduate degree programs.   


Debbie also consults with businesses who are wanting to use the MBTI to support team building and communication at work. She has 10 years of experience offering workshops with businesses and was part of the leadership of a local chapter of the Association for Psychological Type (MBTI practitioners) for 8 years.

In her spare time, Debbie loves to go kayaking or hiking and take pictures!  All pictures on the website were taken by Debbie, except for the banner on the FAQ page.

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