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Consulting About Giftedness

Giftedness and 2e or “Multi-exceptionality” (gifted plus some other type of diversity) are characteristics that are often misunderstood or ignored in today’s society. 


Children have many reactions to their giftedness.  For example, they may feel uncomfortable being “smart”, or they may be incredibly bored in class and hide in a book or act out to find something to occupy their day. Parents often feel at a loss as to how to support their gifted children and feel really responsible for “doing it right.”


Adults may be looking back on their past or their present-day identity and trying to figure out how to re-evaluate their perspective and the gifted part of themselves.

Are you a parent who:

  • has recently learned or suspected that your child is gifted, and you aren’t sure what to do next

  • used to know how to support your child’s learning, but now something has gone wrong

  • wants to think ahead to the “next stage” of what your gifted child needs from you, including adolescent relationships

  • wants to know more about the importance of beginning “career counselling” with gifted children when they are about 12 years old, and how to go about facilitating career exploration

  • worries about balancing the needs of all the family members, including yourself?


Gifted adults often feel quite awkward about the idea of seeing themselves as gifted. They often “learn” about this when someone else in their family is designated as gifted, or they may have attended a special school program in their younger years and then felt they “grew out of it.”


Are you a gifted adult who is:

  • re-assessing all your experiences lived up to now because you have just started considering giftedness as part of your experience and realizing “Oh, that’s why…”

  • feeling "different", and wondering if some of those differences are connected to giftedness?

  • wondering how to accept giftedness within yourself, and if other adults “admit” that they are gifted?


If any of the above scenarios or many others are true for you, then consulting about giftedness may be very relevant and useful to you.  Debbie works with her clients in a practical manner that helps them address concerns they are facing in the moment. Her work is based on years of experience as a parent of gifted sons, her needs assessment research with parents of gifted children, as a counsellor, and consulting with many families and adults considering how giftedness affects their lives. 


This website is designed to help you decide if speaking with Debbie makes sense to you at this time.  If you are interested in setting up an appointment, connect with Debbie using the Contact form.

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