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​​Sometimes life goes off the rails and people need additional support to help them figure out how to get back on track. Debbie offers online video counselling creating a safe space to explore what is currently troubling for her clients.  She works with people in British Columbia on topics such as:

  • Career starts or Transitions between jobs

  • Reflections on having a meaningful Retirement

  • Using MBTI preferences for self-development/professional development

  • Anxiety, including Eco-Anxiety or Climate Distress

  • Seeking personal balance and wellness

  • Setting boundaries and learning that "self-care" is not selfish

Debbie has worked in the field of counselling since 1998, teaching undergraduate and graduate counselling students since 2006, and spent a great deal of time supporting clients using  evidence-based, ethical and inclusive counselling. 


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Debbie has a very practical counselling style, wanting to support clients in their own explorations and decision making.  She has supported many types of clients, such as:

  • Emerging adults

  • Older adults

  • Gifted individuals

  • Family members connected to first responders

  • Counselling professionals looking for their own counselling


Debbie works primarily using the Satir Model/theory.  This means she comes from a perspective of wellness, inviting clients to look at their feelings, thoughts and expectations (from self, others and the world).  Clients examine how these may not be congruent within themselves, or in their interactions with others.  Debbie supports clients in becoming aware of their choices, and how to live more by their values and be there for both themselves and others. Other types of evidence-based interventions are included whenever Debbie and her clients decide they would be helpful.


Debbie does not offer services to people in crisis or dealing with serious trauma.  Please see the FAQs for more information.

Debbie focuses a lot on professional development; learning from training programs, other counsellors and researching topics relevant to her clients.  Recent trainings Debbie has been attending include the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Conference, the World Council for the Gifted Conference, and taking a course on forest bathing.


This website is designed to help you decide if speaking with Debbie makes sense to you at this time.  If you are interested in setting up an appointment, connect with Debbie through secure the Contact form.

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