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Clinical Consultation with RCCs in BC
Consultations with Organizations

Speaking Engagements

Clinical Consultations with RCCs in BC

Developed through over 14 years as a counsellor educator, Debbie has a very practical-focused consultation style, wanting to support professionals in their own critical thinking and decision making.  She has advised many counsellors-in-training and practicing counsellors on topics such as:

  • ongoing balancing of self-care to provide competent care for clients

  • avoiding compassion fatigue and counsellor impairment

  • setting up plans for professional development

  • developing counselling specializations such as career counselling

Teambuilding with Organizations

Debbie consults with organizations that are wanting to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to develop their teams.  She has offered workshops on topics such as team building, stress management and communication at work. She has 10 years of experience conducting workshops with businesses and was part of the leadership of a local chapter of the Association for Psychological Type (MBTI practitioners) for 8 years. In the past, Debbie held several multi-year contracts including with a large financial institution working with their management teams across Western Canada.

Speaking About Giftedness

Debbie speaks locally and internationally about giftedness.  She has presented at local and global professional conferences and spoken to groups of professionals, parents and educators about many topics, including helping:

  • Parents

    • Navigate the social-emotional aspects of giftedness

    • Understand how Jungian personality type may combine with giftedness

    • Manage anxiety in their home

  • Counsellors, teachers and other helping professionals

    • learn to recognize giftedness and how it might be affecting their clients/students

    • understand and manage the social-emotional aspects of giftedness

  • Understanding intersectionalities of diversities that include giftedness, and how important it is for families, communities, and schools to understand giftedness is a “real thing” and these students need support for their learning and living inside and outside of school


If you are interested in speaking to Debbie about the possibility of hiring her for a workshop, seminar or speaking engagement, please connect with her through the Contact form.

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